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The in-between moment

When are you more receptive?
More likely to do something you haven’t planned for?


That’s how we behave online too


User visits website A

their attention and focus is at the content

Ads are fighting to get the users’ attention when they’re not likely to allow themselves to get distracted.

It’s not the right time. Users want to keep their attention at the content.


Eventually users will exit website A

to visit website B

One journey has ended, the next one hasn’t started yet. They’re in that “in-between moment”. Their attention is available.

It’s the perfect time. If a relevant suggestion comes up, the probability of engaging is higher than any other time.


What does this mean?

People actually see the campaigns

because their attention is available and they’re not interrupted


true awareness and viewability over 85%

People engage with the campaigns

because they’re between two journeys


20x the performance of other ad formats

Brand Safety

because the campaign “owns” the page and stands out with impactful formats

Brand Lift

because last impressions are the most lasting

Unleashed creativity

because Exit Bee ads are not limited by other website elements

Premium and tailored formats

unique formats that re-imagine what’s possible with display, like multi-step campaigns, lead generation, contests, surveys and more