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We stay home, We create with Agrino


Agrino is a Greek company with more than 65 years of experience in the rice business and over 20 years in pulses. Agrino’s vision has always been to offer consumers products that are safe, healthy, of stable quality, with nutritional value, mainly cultivated in Greece, with respect towards the environment and the traditional cultivation techniques.


The coronavirus outbreak saw more people staying home more than ever before. All of us needed to make adjustments and change our daily habits.

With most restaurants being shut down and people wanting to protect themselves as much as possible, suddenly we all became cooks overnight. This was confirmed by Exit Bee’s data that revealed a big jump in traffic on cooking sections or cooking websites.

In the words of Sophia Paizi, Marketing Director at Agrino:

«In the beginning of the pandemic, consumers rushed to the supermarkets to stock staple food, including rice and pulses. Next, they began to cook more at home. Unsurprisingly, recipes were at the top of the list of internet searches among Greek consumers.

We, at Agrino, thought we could take care of our consumers and provide them with a little help in using the stock they already had at home more creatively. We created, therefore, a wide digital campaign titled «We stay home, We create with Agrino / Μένουμε σπίτι, Δημιουργούμε με Agrino» inspiring consumers through our delicious recipes, available at our site»

“Exit Bee played a critical role in the success of this campaign, thanks to their qualitative and creative approach and delivery”

Sophia Paizi,
Marketing Director, Agrino



Our first objective was to design yummy looking creatives that are on brand and would blend nicely with publisher websites on our network and look good on all devices.

We were lucky to have beautiful food imagery taken by Agrino. We used shapes and other elements taken from the Agrino website, we played with transparency and layers, and ended up with great looking ads, like the ones below:

Us at Exit Bee and Agrino, were happy with the creative approach which we used to create an ad for every recipe we’d promote.


Naturally the campaign targeted users browsing cooking websites or cooking sections of larger websites. But we didn’t stop there.

We used Exit Bee’s advanced contextual targeting to decide the recipe each user should see.

One of Exit Bee’s unique advantages is that by waiting until the end of a visit, we’re able to evaluate and consider what the user has just read, before deciding what’s the right ad for the user.

Based on this information, someone browsing vegetarian recipes and ideas would see an amazing vegan burger when they exited the website. Others would see recipes with lentils, lamb, risotto, salmon and so on, based on their browsing behaviour.



The campaign’s performance was truly great and this made us all happy. Overall it achieved an astonishing 9.18% CTR and 93.26% viewability.

Desktop and smartphones accounted for 92% of the impressions, reaching 6.68% and 10.27% CTR respectively. The remaining 8% of the impressions was served on tablets and reached 19.18% CTR.