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UK Government Covid-19 Communication Campaign

Cutting through the digital noise and stopping the spread of COVID with Exit Bee


During the pandemic, the UK Government grew to be one of the biggest advertisers, running campaigns for the departments such as Department of Work and Pensions (DWP), Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), Ministry of Defence, Royal Navy Recruitment NHS, Covid Vaccines and most recently booster jabs in Q4 2021.

Exit Bee helped with delivering the key updates to the right audience.


Our key goal was to reach millions of people with the messaging that will cut through the digital noise, helping them to better understand their part in stopping the spread.

COVID-19 pandemic changed the way consumers interact with media. Things like lockdowns, work from home, furloughs, volunteering – all this affected greatly on how and where people were searching for the relevant information. UK GOV team at MGOMD used the power of Exit Ads to deliver contextually targeted ads to users who have just consumed Covid related content.


Only the most reliable and up -to-date information about the pandemic was reaching the right people, in the right time, in the most effective way.



Our simple but powerful creatives inspired people nationwide to take care of themselves and their loved ones by being informed the right way.

We had two missions – to fight the pandemic, but to fight the misinformation, as well.

To achieve this, we delivered a series of impactful messages through display and video ads highlighting the measures one can take to stay safe, understand the importance of vaccination and encouraging their social circle to fight through the fake news.



Targeting approach was based on reaching the users who are actively reading content about the pandemic, its impact on lives, business and society.

But not only that – having the right information could mean saving a life.  Our strategy also helped with fighting against the inaccurate and misguided news. Using contextual and keyword targeting we were able to deliver impactful messages in “the in-between moment” when a user’s attention is already available.



The campaign’s performance proved that we can truly re-imagine what is possible with display advertising. Overall it achieved 3.55% CTR and over 95% viewability.



Client Testimonials: 

“Exit Bee not only offers a unique product in the market, they provide us with high CTRs and Viewability metrics, which are key to our media performance. The service levels we received on this campaign were second to nonethank you Exit Bee.”

Demos Flouri, Digital Client Lead @ MGOMD on UK GOV Account