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Fury VS Wilder, The Trilogy with BT Sports

BT Sports uses Exit Bee’s cutting edge “in between moment” targeting to capture user’s attention and drive PPV buys.


BT Sports


Promote heavyweight boxing spectacle Tyson Fury vs Deontay Wilder trilogy fight & inspire top fans to pay a premium for the event taking place in the early morning hours. Client also wanted to cut through the fighter’s rivalry and fashion clutter, as well as own SOV around promoting PPV buys for UK viewers.  

We gathered our marketing and creative forces to boost the sales for the Grand Finale happening in the fight capital of the world Las Vegas. 

The event was a long awaited master class of technical boxing for the heavyweight title and one of the biggest challenges was to win over the audience with the right targeting and powerful visuals so they stay up till early morning to watch the show.

Exit Bee did it all in less than 4 days.



We believe that simple and effective always works. 

To inspire users to act immediately in their exit moment, visuals were designed to make it crystal clear what the ad is about.


Our strategy was very specific – to target the most passionate boxing fans who are actively reading content about the fighters, build up to the fight, their records, and previous knockouts. Exit Bee contextual and keyword targeting managed to deliver impactful messages in “the inbetween moment” – brief time frames when users’ attention reaches the peak once they have consumed the content and disengaged from the site.



*ROAS – Return on Ad Spend, Pay per view generated Sales