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Argos Home Sale Promotion

The first major UK retailer to take advantage of the “exit”


Argos needs no introduction. With over a billion visits to Argos website every year, 89,000 products and 1,200 physical locations across the UK, Argos is one of the UK’s leading digital retailers.


After the massive impact of Covid 19 Argos wanted to re-engage with customers and drive online sales, this was against a backdrop of tough online competition and a reluctance by many to visit physical stores.



We played it safe here. Although one of Exit Bee’s unique advantages is our unique and tailored premium formats that provide a new experience to the user, in this case we went with a standard iab billboard (970×250).

The only thing we added is the red color left and right to make it a full width billboard.

From one perspective, the choice to use a standard iab format that could (and may have) run as a usual display banner, served well the campaign’s objective.

It proved that targeting users at the right time makes a significant difference. Adding to that, would just take the whole campaign to a whole new level.

This is what the ad looked like:


We didn’t go wild in targeting either. The campaign was only served on a few regional websites of Reach Plc, like Manchester Evening News and Liverpool Echo.



The campaign’s performance proved that we can truly re-imagine what is possible with display advertising. Overall it achieved 3.37% CTR and over 90% viewability.

Those clicks brought quality traffic to Argos website, since Exit Bee minimizes accidental clicks and targets users the moment they’re at their most receptive.

Being able to deliver this kind of quality results, just by using a standard format and minimum targeting, leaves us (Argos, Essence and us at Exit Bee) looking forward to running new, innovative campaigns that will engage users and yield great results and ROAS.