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Re-Imagine Display Advertising

Better Ads

Stand out and reach your audience with behaviourally triggered ads that achieve 20 times higher performance and 100% viewability

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The most premium channel for advertisers and publishers

Exit Bee uses pattern recognition and machine learning to detect or predict the moments users disengage from the website content and are more likely to interact with an ad campaign.

The world’s biggest brands

Exit Bee works directly with the biggest brands and agencies to run unique, high-impact campaigns the moment users are most receptive.

At the most trusted publishers

Exit Bee creates new ad real estate at an exclusive network of publishers and provides advertisers the most premium and safe placement to reach their audience.


Unlimited creative options and new experiences to stand out and run campaigns with 100% viewability and unparalleled performance.


Our technology drives new revenue and engagement from visitors that would otherwise exit your website.

Our Mission

“A journey ends, another begins. There’s an opportunity in between.”

Our mission is to re-imagine what’s possible with display advertising. We want to achieve the highest performance and ROAS by using behavioural analysis to engage the users the moment they’re more likely to do so.